Market Segments for CBD Products: How To Promote Your Brand Effectively

From pain to anxiety, CBD has a variety of therapeutic offerings but, how do you market to the different segments?

A lot of the positive hype around cannabidiol (CBD) is centered around health and wellness. Studies have been conducted worldwide displaying the therapeutic effects of this cannabinoid. It is being used for a variety of holistic approaches and has resulted in a lot of different market segments emerging. This is a dream for marketers looking to promote their health and wellness brands using CBD products. With so many different possibilities, how do you market to a particular segment? 

It’s important to note that a CBD product that is used to help with anxiety will have a different marketing approach to one that helps with insomnia. It is important to identify these nuances and promote your brand effectively through focused messaging and research to back up your claims.   

Looking at the different benefits that CBD can provide your customers will help narrow down your message and what you want them to know about your brand.

Some of the different marketing segments for CBD products include:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • PTSD Therapy
  • Chronic pain 
  • Insomnia

Using the above examples we can begin to explore how to effectively market them to different audiences so that your brand messaging doesn’t get lost in translation.

Marketing CBD products for those dealing with anxiety and depression 

Focusing on educating your customers about how CBD can promote homeostasis, or inner balance, within the body is a good way to market a product geared towards people suffering from anxiety or depression. Customers looking for a holistic approach will respond well to studies and articles talking about the advantages of using CBD as opposed to synthetic medications. Educational articles talking about how CBD and opioids work to improve wellness could target those looking for a change in therapies. If your brand is too noisy or tries to push too much on the audience then you might scare off potential customers who are looking for a more soothing and calm approach.

Keyword optimization is imperative here as most people will be searching specifically for how CBD can improve conditions like social anxiety and seasonal affective disorder. Paying special attention to keywords surrounding each segment and how many times they are being searched on Google can put your brand front and center in search engine queries. 

CBD marketing for veterans and those living with PTSD

There are thousands of veterans every year getting treated for opioid addictions due to PTSD. In recent years CBD has been found to alleviate symptoms in veterans who regularly deal with the anxiety associated with PTSD. Several studies have shown that CBD can help with chronic unpredictable stress which is what affects most veterans.

You’ll probably want to explore the benefits and consequences of using CBD as therapy instead of dangerous opioids that could lead to addiction. One of the reasons that veterans switch to CBD is primarily because it is not an addictive substance. Studies and articles talking about the non-psychoactive properties and the additional benefits that CBD has on your own body’s internal systems are imperative to convince your customers to come to you.  

Working with groups that help veterans with PTSD is a good approach in your marketing campaign plans as you can enlist influencers currently using CBD as a therapy to help promote your brand’s message. Influencers in the CBD market include those who have come off of synthetic medicines or those who have worked with the plant for years and have firsthand experience with using CBD.

Creating a positive message with CBD products

Currently, there are millions of people living with chronic pain and it is one of the leading causes of drug addiction across the world. As it becomes more prominent on the world stage, CBD is starting to be widely accepted as a product that can help manage pain symptoms without the additional side effects that you find in opioid medications. 

Most people with chronic pain are trying their best to live a pain-free life and thus, are used to medications provided by their doctors, some of which have adverse side effects.

With several CBD product types available for the market customers can find the product that matches what they need. Someone coming off synthetic medications might find that an oral tincture would work better than for someone who might not like the taste and texture. All of these things contribute to how you market your product. 
Looking at some market research will give you a general idea of how other brands are promoting their products.

Cement your CBD brand online with e-commerce and a clear message

When you’ve found your target audience and have started providing relevant, clear information to your customer it is time to deepen their loyalty with a clean online presence. Ecommerce is an excellent tool in your marketing arsenal because it enables people to purchase your products online in a discreet manner. Oftentimes people who suffer from chronic pain cannot physically go to a store and others with social anxiety can’t even leave their homes. This makes going to a physical location somewhat undesirable for someone looking for help without judgment. Being able to purchase products online enables these people to invest in their health without any of the detrimental stigmas that are attached to it.

Your brand message should be about improving the wellness of those who need it

Alternative therapies have a certain stigma that has been tied that goes back to when cannabis was first prohibited in many countries. The legalization of cannabis and emerging studies have lessened the negative connotations associated with CBD; however, people are more diligent than ever in their research for a product that could improve their wellness. It’s important to remember to be clear in your message regardless of what therapy you are promoting as customers will look to that first before ever thinking of making a purchase. 


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