The Best Methods To Market CBD

And why they’re so important in today’s digital world

Cannabidiol, or CBD to most, has been an exciting rediscovery of the versatility found within the cannabis plant. It has been used in everything from therapy to animal treats in a way that is designed to help promote a healthy lifestyle. It is so popular that it is talked about almost as much as its psychoactive counterpart, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which can be found alongside it. You’d think that with all of this positive publicity getting the word out about this product would be a simple task, right? You’d be surprised at how difficult it can be to penetrate this niche market.

With so many ways to market a product online and in person let’s look at some effective methods for marketing CBD. These include things such as: 

  1. Growth hacking
  2. Influencer marketing
  3. Keyword optimization
  4. Email marketing

Each of these methods has its own positive and negative qualities and it depends on the product you’re trying to sell that determines the effectiveness. In the case of CBD and its application versatility, using one or all of these methods might be beneficial in your marketing plan.

Use growth hacking to market CBD, how it’s different than digital marketing

Since CBD is relatively new to the marketing world, then growth hacking might be a good solution since it is all about experimenting with new techniques. Some may get confused by growth hacking and its closely related cousin digital marketing. While growth hacking focuses on experimenting with new ways of marketing across many platforms, digital marketing takes a tried and tested approach where proven techniques are used instead.

CBD education is a popular approach to marketing CBD as it is still somewhat of a mystery to the general public. For example, try including different keywords for your products or services to see which gets more views. Another innovative way marketers are using growth hacking is through YouTube and trying out different formats for videos. The idea is to analyze the performance data of different methods of marketing and see what works. This allows for experimentation for a product that doesn’t have a concrete marketing method.

Here are some tips to remember when using the growth hacking approach:

  • Product-market fit is ensuring your product is strong going into your market. This is done through market research.
  • Determining your measurable goals will identify successes and areas that need improvement. 
  • Testing and analyzing results will hone in on any tweaks that need to be worked on with marketing your CBD product.
  • Creating a new approach or refining a current one is the result of all the above steps and is where you find out if your current marketing strategy is working.

Using influencer marketing for your CBD branding

CBD is generally used as a wellness product and is heavily marketed towards that target audience. Influencer marketing is a powerful tool in any marketing campaign as they give a personal touch to any brand. The difficulty with CBD is with the legal regulations in many parts of the world where marketing is either heavily censored or banned outright. 

Currently, the CBD market is beginning to gain traction with influencers as the legitimacy of the project is getting backed by science. There are CBD brands out there that use thousands of influencers, some of which have millions of followers. This is a good time to look at influencer marketing as a viable option for your CBD marketing campaign while the world is looking towards a more holistic approach to wellness.   

The versatility of CBD gives you a lot of options for influencers to get your brand noticed. Finding an influencer, whether it be in health and fitness, or food and lifestyle is a good approach for a new brand in an emerging market.

Keyword optimization and CBD: Powerful combinations in an emerging market  

Search engine optimization, specifically keyword optimization, has become a staple in many websites and written articles. It is the key to unlocking visibility for potential readers while they search for CBD information through a search engine. 

Getting Google to show you as a featured answer for CBD is a combination of using good keywords and having quality content posted on your website or blog. Doing some research into what keywords are trending, or what keywords have volume but aren’t saturated should be your first step. Ensure to have proper spelling and grammar or the algorithm won’t move you up in the searches. 

A good approach to using CBD keyword optimization would be to write content that answers questions about CBD that people are looking for and if you utilize the specific keywords that people are using to search for that answer, well, you then have your audience. 

Email marketing may be an older approach, but it still works in the CBD market

Email marketing is a viable way to market your CBD products if your brand is very focused. Knowing your brands’ promise, voice, and marketing goals are crucial to using this form of marketing. 

There are 4 types of marketing emails that can promote CBD effectively, they include:

  1. Health and Wellness content
  2. Promotional
  3. Newsletters
  4. Welcome emails

There is a lot of variability in using email marketing as a tool for CBD product exposure. Keeping your targeted emails personalized, and with a singular focus will help your customers have a clear idea of what you are trying to tell them. Since CBD is a health and wellness product, people would be interested in a newsletter talking about how CBD can be used therapeutically while linking to a CBD product that may help lessen anxiety. In other words, define what your CBD product’s vision is and have a clear next step for your customer. 

Every method is different but they can be used to complement each other

While no single tried and true method exists that will tackle all of your CBD marketing needs, a combination of multiple methods seems to be the best at effectively marketing this small niche. Experimenting and analyzing while reworking and focusing your brand’s message will get your customer’s attention and keep them coming back for more. 


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